Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lord Stanley's Cup

For a Canadian, this is the most exciting time of the year. The harsh winter is ceasing and the beaming sun spreads warmth from the Rockies to the St. Lawrence. Finally, road work can begin.

Also, the NHL season is coming to a usually exciting close. Chicago and Philadelphia are playing for Lord Stanley's Cup, the most prized trophy in all of sports. All of Canada is watching closely to see where their cup goes.

So many Canadians are excited to see that the cities contending are true hockey cities. Chicago is an Original Six city, with one of the richest hockey traditions in North America. Philadelphia is an all-around sports city, with a relatively long hockey history. Recent winners such as Carolina, Anaheim, and Tampa Bay won't be taking our cup this year. Plus, the Flyers and Blackhawks have Canadian percentages well over the league average of 52% Canadian. So even though teams like Ottawa, Vancouver, and Montreal were eliminated, the cup is coming home.


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